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Hestia Swim Spa
Hestia Swim Spa
Swim spa Jet - 4 seats
430x225x147 cm - 27 jets
Neptune Swim Spa
Neptune Swim Spa
Swim River Jet - 5 seats
500x228x135 cm - 76 jets
Zeus Swim Spa
Zeus Swim Spa
Swim River Jet - 8 seats
582x221x147 cm - 65 jets
Hermès Swim Spa
Hermès Swim Spa
Swim Turbine - 5 places
580x228x150 cm - 38 jets
The Déméter Swim Spa
The Déméter Swim Spa
swimTurbine - 5 seats
580x228x150 cm

Discover our range of swim spas designed for 4 to 9 people. 

We offer two lines of swim spas: the River Jet swim spas and the Turbine swim spas. 

We have 5 different models of swim spas, each with its unique advantages depending on what you're looking for.

Swim spas have a lot to offer as they consist of a counter-current swimming area and a massage zone with massaging jets on the seating and/or reclining areas, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. 

The pumps in swim spas create a powerful current, enabling you to swim against it. Swim spas are appreciated by both fitness enthusiasts looking to stay in shape and perform aquatic strengthening exercises, as well as families with children and individuals seeking the ultimate relaxation space at home. 

A swim spa provides a true moment of relaxation and leisure, akin to what a pool offers, with the advantage that it requires less space for installation.

Where to install your swim spa?

You can install your swim spa outdoors in a garden or on a terrace, either embedded or not, or indoors if you have sufficient space, such as in a conservatory.


  • Easy installation

  • Takes up less space than a pool

  • Requires less maintenance than a pool

  • Year-round use

  • Practice sports at home


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